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Pure Hand Made Jaggery

Pure Hand Made Jaggery

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Q.  What is pure homemade jaggery? 

A. Natural handmade jaggery is a form of sweetener made from sugarcane juice that is extracted manually and then boiled to provide a thick, dark syrup. This syrup is then poured into molds and left to cool and solidify into blocks of jaggery. 

Q. What are the blessings of natural homemade jaggery? 

A. Natural homemade jaggery is considered a healthier opportunity to subtle sugar as it is unprocessed and retains among the minerals and vitamins found in sugarcane juice. It is wealthy in iron, magnesium, and potassium and is thought to boost immunity, useful resource for digestion, and provide electricity. 

Q. How is natural homemade jaggery unique from commercially produced jaggery?

A. Pure hand-crafted jaggery is made with the usage of conventional strategies and without the usage of chemical compounds or preservatives. Commercially produced jaggery is often made the usage of machines and may incorporate components and preservatives to extend its shelf life. 

Q. How can natural hand-crafted jaggery be used in cooking?

A. Natural hand-crafted jaggery can be utilized in a ramification of methods, which include as a sweetener in tea or espresso, alternatively for sugar in baking, and as an aspect in traditional Indian goodies such as laddoos and halwa.

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