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Dark Color Jaggery

Dark Color Jaggery

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Dark Color Jaggery has been made in the hamlet for generations. This will give you high-quality natural items that are genuine and devoid of adulterants. It is high in iron, therefore eating it on a daily basis is beneficial to your health. It is high in elemental iron as well as vitamin C. Dark Color Jaggery may appear unappealing but contains essential nutrients. It acts as a cleanser of the blood. This is a fantastic energy booster. As a result, it does not immediately raise our blood sugar levels.


1. Which jaggery, light or dark, is preferable?

Ans - The purity of the jaggery can also be determined by looking at its colour. The jaggery should ideally be a deep brown colour. Gur's yellowish colour may be the result of chemical processing. Purchasing hard jaggery is preferable since it guarantees that no additives will be added when the sugarcane juice is boiled. 

2. The cause of jaggery's blackening?

Ans - This is due to the fact that boiling sugarcane juice produces dark brown or black jaggery. Yet, it appears more white when chemicals are used to cure it. 

3. Can dark jaggery be healthy?

Ans - Jaggery can assist persons who select plant-based diets in consuming more iron without the need for additional supplements. The antioxidant content of jaggery is higher than that of other sweeteners. Jaggery's residual molasses includes phenolic acids that aid in lowering the body's oxidative stress. 

4. Which shade of jaggery is healthful?

Ans - In contrast, coconut jaggery is thought to be a superior and a lot healthier alternative to sugarcane jaggery because it is a wonderful source of antioxidants and minerals including iron, folate, and magnesium. 
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